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Walon Green

Film director, producer and screenwriter

An American film director, producer and screenwriter, Green (1936) produced and directed documentaries for National Geographic and David Wolper such as The Mystery of Animal Behavior (1969), The Hellstrom Chronicle, for which he was awarded the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature and a BAFTA in 1972, and The Secret Life of Plants in 1979.

His screenwriting credits include the films The Wild Bunch, nominated for the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1970, Sorcerer, Eraser and Robocop 2. For television, he has written and produced episodes for the Hill Street Blues, Law & Order and NYPD Blue, for which he won an Edgar Award in 1995.

More recently, he was a creative consultant for Chris Carter’s science fiction television series Millennium.

Participates in the exhibition "Science Friction" with the documentary The Secret Life of the Plants, 1979, produïda per Infinite Enterprises i Paramount Pictures Corp.     

Update: 21 May 2021

Has participated in

Science Friction

Living Among Companion Species