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Vivian Muñoz Rodriguez


Vivian Muñoz Rodriguez is a filmmaker of Colombian origin who's been living in Barcelona for the past 20 years. On graduating in Bogotá and with her final project, a stop-motion animation, she was given the "SKY new talents" award as part of the film festival in Cartagena, Colombia. This provided her with the chance to take a workshop on directing actors at the international film school in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. At that time she believed she'd have more possibilities to further her career if she emigrated to another country and she settled in Barcelona. Whilst attempting to jump through the bureaucratic hoops typical for immigrants, she also spent time working and studying editing, and subsequently screenwriting.

Writing scripts and audiovisual cultural projects, she has carried out an internship at La Bonne, the Francesca Bonnemaison Women's Culture Centre, as well as taking part in the project #accióMigrant by Fes cultura: a design laboratory for projects focusing on the right to migrate. In 2023 she has directed a piece for "City Symphonies" (CCCB and Dones Visuals) entitled Has estado aquí.

Update: 7 March 2023


Has participated in

Premiere of "City Symphonies" 2023

At D'A - Barcelona Film Festival