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Victoria Lomasko

A graphic artist with a long international career, she explores contemporary Russian society in her work, and especially the groups that are most discriminated against and ostracised.

She graduated in Graphic Arts and Book Design at the Moscow State University of Fine Arts in 2003 and specialised in graphic reporting, a field where she has revived the traditional technique of drawing that was used in Russia during the siege of Leningrad, in the Gulag, and in the army. Her work has been published in different media outlets and exhibited in Russia and elsewhere in Europe. The book Altres Rússies (Other Russias – Edicions Godall, 2020), which has been translated by Marta Nin into Catalan, has been published in France, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States. In 2018 it was awarded the prestigious Pushkin House Best Book in Translation prize for the best book translated into and published in English. Lomasko has also worked with non-profit human rights organisations as well as being co-curator in art and activism projects including, Dibuixant el Tribunal (Drawing the Court, with Zlata Ponirovska) and El llapis feminista (The Feminist Pencil, with Nàdia Plunguian). In 2022, Edicions Godall has published in Catalan the book The Last Soviet Artist, a chronicle of an artist reflecting on art in a region undergoing major political changes. It is the involuntary testimony of how the intolerance of a regime can break the desires of this protagonist and turn her, despite herself, into a symbol against this intolerance.


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