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Vasili Golovanov

He holds a degree in Journalism from the Moscow State University, and has written for numerous magazines and publications, including Vokrug sveta and Stolitsa. He is the author of several geopoetic essays, which were inspired by expeditions to the North Pole, Asia and the Volga delta. Ostrov, ili opravdanie bessmislennij puteshestvi (2002, The island or justification of senseless journeys) is one of his poetic visions of territory, in this case of the polar island of Kolguyev.

He has published the collective work Putevói zhurnal (Travel diary), which he coordinated, Vremia chaepitia (2004, Teatime) and Tachanki s Yuga (1997, Tachankas of the South), an investigation into the Majnovist movement that the newspaper Nezavisimaia gazeta rated as best historical book in the year of its publication. He has also been awarded numerous literary prizes, including those awarded by the magazine Novyi mir.

Prostranstva - laberinti (2005, Spaces and labyrinths) is his latest geopoetic creation.