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Toni Soler Guasch

Journalist and television producer

With a degree in Contemporary History, he works as a journalist and in television scriptwriting and production. He founded Minoria Absoluta, a workshop producing a range of fictional and documentary entertainment formats, among them the highly successful TV3 programme Polònia, as well as productions for theatre and cinema. He has received several awards for his programmes, including the City of Barcelona Prize (2005), the National Prize for Communication (2008), and three Ondas awards (1998, 2006, 2007). He has been writing on a regular basis as a political commentator for the daily Ara since it first appeared and has published a dozen books of different genres, the most recent being Un bon cel (2020, La Campana). Since 2016 he has been editor of the quarterly magazine El Món d’Ahir, which is published by Minoria Absoluta and SOM Cultura.

Update: 9 March 2021


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