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Toni Massanés Sánchez

Director general of Alícia Foundation

Toni Massanés is a gastronomist who has devoted himself primarily to teaching, writing and research. He has travelled to learn about the most prestigious food cultures in the world directly from producers and cooks. He has written, directed and participated in books, studies, projects, strategic plans, webs and guides about products, restaurants, food culture, gastronomic heritage and historical cuisine, and taken part in congresses and conferences in Europe, America and Asia.

Since 2003 he has been director general of Alícia Foundation.

He has also curated exhibitions, contributed to television programmes and taken part in documentaries. He is a member of the City of Barcelona Promotion Advisory Council. He currently writes for “COMER” in La Vanguardia and Cuina magazine, and talks on Un restaurant Caníbal a Berlín on Catalunya Ràdio. He has received the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona de Gastronomia and the Premio Juan Mari Arzak de Gastronomía y Medios de Comunicación, among other awards.

Update: 8 March 2022


Has participated in

Space and Food: Table, Home, Market

Feeding the World

Security and Sustainability in Global Food Production