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Tom Gauld

Cartoonist and illustrator

Tom Gauld (Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 1976) is a cartoonist and illustrator. Known as “a book-lover’s cartoonist” because most of his strips are about literature and bibliophiles, Gauld likes to laugh, affectionately, about book collectors, critics, established writers and the literary canon, genres and the sacred mentality shrouding some rather soporific “classics”. With his laconic humour and perfidious eye—and a melancholy mood—this cartoonist has created some of the most comical and spot-on observations of this whole business of reading, writing and having War and Peace on your bedside table when there’s no way you’re ever going to read it. Gauld has contributed to The Guardian (with a weekly comic strip of some years’ standing), The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Believer and Granta. Salamandra Graphic has published three of his best works in Spanish: Todo el mundo tiene envidia de mi mochila voladora, En la cocina con Kafka and Un policía en la luna.

Bio written by Kiko Amat/Miqui Otero, directors of Primera Persona festival.

Update: 3 April 2018


Has participated in

Primera Persona 2018

Autobiographic live sessions: stand-up comedy, pop music, theatre and narrative