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The Hate Lovers

A group of graffiti from Barcelona

The Hate Lovers was born of the need to show the growing women’s movement in the art sector, with the aim of bringing together women artists from different fields of contemporary art and fighting for their recognition. Its members are especially linked to street art: they work in different disciplines such as graffiti, illustration, painting, tattooing or photography.

It is characterised by being a women’s collective of a mischievous nature with an alternative character. Their marked origin in the world of graffiti gives overtones of vandalism to their aesthetic, which brings together and promotes visual artists from the five continents. The group acts mainly in the urban public space, which the artists interact with as a tool for empowerment, social cohesion, identity-building, education and training, and for entertainment and connection with women citizens.


Update: 10 May 2019

Has participated in

Kosmopolis 2019

10th Amplified Literature Fest