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Teresa Marques

Researcher at LOGOS, the Research Group on Analytic Philosophy (UB)

Philosopher at Stirling University (Scotland), researcher at LOGOS, the Research Group on Analytic Philosophy at University of Barcelona (UB) and member of the Barcelona Institute for Analytical Philosophy. She specializes in philosophy of language, but works also in metaethics, feminist philosophy, and legal and social philosophy. Her recent work focuses on disagreement and conflicts, values and norms, derogatory and dangerous speech, and on the interaction between language and social reality. She has received many awards and recognitions, among which an European Commission Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship in 2013, and an IKERBASQUE fellowship in 2014.


Has participated in

Lecture by Jason Stanley

How Fascim Works. The Politics of Us and Them

Cassandra’s Dilemma: The Threat of Disinformation

Debate with Åsa Wikforss, Teresa Marques and Adrienne Lemon