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Tamara Djermanović

Professor of Slavic literatures and aesthetics at the Faculty of Humanities of the Pompeu Fabra University and specialist in the work of Dostoyevsky. Senior researcher at the Slavic Studies Seminar. Graduated in Comparative Literature at the University of Belgrade in 1990, she came to Barcelona in 1991, where she received her PhD in Humanities in 2004. Her books include Dostoievsky entre Rusia y Occidente (Herder, 2006; also published in Russian); El viaje a mi país ya inexistente (AltaÏr, 2013, published in Serbian by Samizdat, 2018), and editions of the books Construcción estética de Europa (Comares, 2014) and Tarkovsky y la cultura universal (Shangrila, 2020). In October 2021, the publishing house Acantilado publishes his book El universe de Dostoievsky

Update: 30 July 2021


Has participated in

Talk with Tatiana Kasatkina, Tamara Djermanovic and Miquel Cabal

Dostoevsky, apocalypse and prophecy