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Sonia Gómez Vicente

Dancer, performer and choreographer

Her findings are exhibited as multidisciplinary montages, traversing a wide range of languages, aesthetics and references.
A body of work whose thematic axis is the construction of identity, but also the discovery of social impostures by means of art, and the impostures of art by means of performance, which, in the case of Sonia Gómez, are public, open, social acts. This variety of materials, from different sources and disciplines, coherently and playfully explores a body of work that is also complex and sophisticated. Friction, ever present in her work, is perfection and imperfection, between the real and the fictitious, between representation and experience.

Update: 8 April 2019

Has participated in

Educa amb l'art 19/20

Performance Training with Sonia Gómez

Culturnautes 2019

The CCCB’s summer day camp