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Shu Lea Cheang

Shu Lea Cheang is a key name in the "media activism" that this all-terrain artist practices in a multitude of formats and media. Through new media such as installation, performance, film or video creation, she redefines the construction of gender and racial identities, challenging the aesthetics of global capitalism and exploring the mechanisms of political and economic power that also operate in cyberspace. In 2009, as part of a residency at Hangar, she carried out, together with members of the post-porn movement and the transfeminist community in Barcelona, the collaborative performance UKI, a sequel to her sci-fi porn film I.K.U., which explores dissident sexualities in relation to technology. One of his latest works is 3x3x6, a site-specific installation for the Taiwan Pavilion (Palazzo delle Prigioni, Venice Biennale 2019), curated by Paul B. Preciado, which examines the criminalization of sexual and gender dissidence throughout history and today.

Update: 24 April 2023


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Shu Lea Cheang and Quimera Rosa

Sade: from the perspective of art

The Influencers 2019

Unconventional Art, Guerrilla Communication, Radical Entertainment