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Sesi Bergeret

Sesi Bergeret is part of the selection committee of the Barcelona Independent Film Festival, l’Alternativa and is part of its team. She was co-founder and programmer of Cadiz.Doc, International Independent Documentary Exhibition from 2002 to 2005 and directed the documentary medium-length documentary Historia chiquita que cruza un océano, which could be seen at different festivals and obtained a special mention at the Festival de Derechos Humanos de Santiago del Estero. She has also worked as a press officer, content and media coordinator, and in writing texts in cultural projects for cinematography (FEC Festival, Mostra de Cine de Dones, etc.), scenic (Sala Hiroshima, Dies de Dansa, etc.), of art (CaboSanRoque exhibition at Arts Santa Mònica) and literary (Festival Internacional de Poesia de Barcelona 2011-2012).

Update: 30 November 2020