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Santiago Alberto Gutiérrez

Member of the Estanislao Zuleta Cultural Corporation and moderator of the Medellín–Barcelona International Reading Club

Santiago Alberto Gutiérrez defines himself as an apprentice writer, reader and filmmaker. He is a member of the Corporación Cultural Estanislao Zuleta, and, since 2009, has moderated the discussions of the Voice and Letters, Talking about Everyday Matters project, and written the reports of the literature seminar on Love, Life and Death in Great Literature, and the reports of discussions in the citizen training project The Wednesday Conversation. He also forms part of the Cinema in Conversation project organized by the Corporation.

He has been involved in the Love, Women and Madness Reading Club since it was set up and was joint moderator in the 2013 club, Anna Karenina. Since 2012 he has been moderator of the Medellín-Barcelona International Reading Club, a project to encourage reading that aims to promote the work of Colombian and Catalan writers and cultural exchange on the basis of reading and talking about their work. It takes place in the framework of the Medellín-Barcelona cultural transfer and cooperation agreement.

Update: 20 February 2015

Has participated in

Jorge Franco (videoconferencing), Santiago Alberto Gutiérrez and Ricardo Reitano

Session of The Bcn-Medellín International Reading Club

Santiago Alberto Gutiérrez and Herman Montoya

Transatlantic Readings