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Ryuichi Kaneko

Ryuichi Kanekois a critic, historian and collector of photobooks who, over recent decades, has amassed a collection of some 20,000 volumes, including magazines and catalogues. He has been a curator at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography since it was founded in 1990. As an academic, he has been a central figure in the study of Japanese photography and photobooks and has contributed to a number of publications, among them Independent Photographers in Japan 1976 - 83 (1989), The History of Japanese Photography (2003), Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and ’70s (2009) and Japan’s Modern Divide (2013).


Update: 24 October 2016


Has participated in

Five aspects of the Japanese photobook

Guided tour by Ryuichi Kaneko of the exhibition “Photobook Phenomenon”

Photobook Phenomenon