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Rafael Levenfeld

Rafael Levenfeld studied Economics and Advertising.

Since 1976, he has devoted himself fully to the field of photography, specifically:

Setting up PHOTOVISION magazine in 1980, together with Joan Fontcuberta, Adolfo Martínez and Ignacio González;

Creating the Escuela de Técnica y Estética Fotográfica in Madrid in 1983;

Setting up CANVAS, an exhibition design and montage company, in 1989;

Working as consultant at the Fundació la Caixa from 1991 to 1992;

Working in association with Valentín Vallhonrat on archiving, conserving and exhibiting photographic collections since 1996;

Consultant at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya since 1997, and

Since 1987, curating over 40 exhibitions for various national and international museums and centres. He is closely involved in the design and montage of exhibitions, and is also a photographer, lecturer and editor.


Update: 19 May 2011



The Shadow and the Photographer 1922-1936

Has participated in

Arissa. The Shadow and the Photographer, 1922-1936

Brangulí. Barcelona 1909-1945

Exhibition of photography