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Radial Radiant

A hybrid, transdisciplinary artistic collective, set up in 2019 in Barcelona by Silvia Renda and Erica Volpini. The practice of Radial Radiant embraces the art book as a device, researching its language in contemporaneity, creating books and dynamizing contexts by means of books.

The duo also experiments with the creation of visual installations and workshops conceived as contexts for collective search. The collective particularly focuses on researching and creating books on artistic processes: a graphic transposition of different artistic practices or specific projects, using the tools of the book-device (typography, images, dimension, page, sequence, rhythm, paper, graphic resources, etc.). Revealing artistic processes means showing the artists’ experiences, time, space, perception and different positions. To this end, the duo seeks collaboration with other artists, testing the hybridization between the roles of publisher, artist and designer.

The dynamizations of Radial Radiant materialize in installations, events and participatory exercises that explore and publicize the possibilities of the book, often collectively.

Radial Radiant anchors itself in material and dialogue, as a counterpart to the immaterial and the abstract. What moves the group is having quality relationships, collaborating and sharing, being open to growth, questioning oneself, researching.

Silvia Renda (Erice, 1981) is a visual artist and editorial designer. She has a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Bologna and a diploma in Photography from the IED (Rome), with periods spent at Ramon Llull University (Barcelona) and the Academie St. Joost (Breda). She is interested in researching images, imaginaries and imagination, especially in relation to the territory. She has collaborated with artists, publishers and cultural institutions (Mare Culturale Urbano, GAM - Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Palermo, Postcart Edizioni, Edizioni Precarie and Maria Inc., among others) to develop publishing projects, visual identities and experiential workshops on art and photography. She is currently a resident artist at L’Escocesa creative factory and the Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica.

Erica Volpini (Fano, 1991) is a designer working with visual culture and participatory practices in art and education. She has a degree in Design and Visual Communication from ISIA (Urbino) and a Master’s Degree in Art Education from the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam), and is motivated by transdisciplinary and participatory practices in art and design. She has worked in Italy and the Netherlands as a visual designer and creative director for cultural brands and platforms, and has conducted art education activities. She is the founder of Converses Barcelona and is a resident artist at L’Escocesa creative factory.

Update: 30 March 2022

Has participated in

School in residence / Course 2022-2023

Education and culture in the Raval neighbourhood

Culturnautes 2022

The CCCB’s summer camp