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Quimera Rosa

Lab that experiments and researches on identity, body and technology, created in Barcelona in 2008 and itinerant since 2014. Quimera Rosa takes its inspiration from Donna Haraway's notion of cyborgs, defined as "chimeras, theorized and fabricated hybrids of machine and organism". From a transfemenist and postidentitary perspective, they make bodies a platform for public intervention, with the aim of breaking up limits between the public and private spheres. They understand sexuality as a technological and artistic creation and seek to experiment with hybrid identities that blur the boundaries between natural/artificial,  normal/abnormal, male/female, hetero/homo, human/animal, animal/plant, art/politics, art/science, reality/fiction. With a particular interest in the articulation between art, science and technology and their functions in the production of subjectivities, their work is currently focused on creating transdisciplinary projects and performances, generating electronic devices that work with bodily movemenet, and bio-hacking experiments. Most of their work is collaborative, and it is always free of patents and proprietary codes. They have presented their creations and given workshops in streets, contemporary art centers, bars, galleries, universities, concert halls, art colleges, discos, museums, squats, festivals and theatres.

Update: 20 March 2017

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Quimera Rosa

Participative BioArt performance