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Quimera Rosa

Laboratory for experimentation and research on identities, body and technology, created in Barcelona in 2008 and nomad since 2014. Quimera Rosa is inspired by the notion of cyborg developed by Donna Haraway, who defines them as "chimeras, hybrids, theorized and fabricated from machine and organism". From a transfeminist and post-identitarian perspective, they make the body a platform for public intervention, experimenting with hybrid identities in order to generate ruptures in the border between what is public and what is private. Particularly interested in the articulation between art, science and technology, as well as in their functions in the production of subjectivity, their work today focuses on the development of performances and transdisciplinary projects, in the elaboration of devices that work with bodily activity and biohacking experiments. Most of his work is done in a collaborative way and, always, free of patents and proprietary codes. Some of his latest interventions are "Trans*Plant", a transdisciplinary bioart project based on self-experimentation with plant/human/animal/machine hybridization, and "Sexus 3", a cyberpunk post-porn performance trilogy inspired by the female replicants of Blade Runner.

Update: 24 April 2023


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Quimera Rosa

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