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Ponç Puigdevall

Ponç Puigdevall was born on 10 September 1963 in a place he would prefer to forget. He spent several years at university without benefiting from the experience; he went into hiding for a while in a village in Galicia, and then did the same in the Gavarres Mountains, until he realised that he didn't really care where he lived. Since then he has done only four notable things: read, watch films, waste time and make a fool of himself.

He has published the books Un silenci sec (1991), Era un secret (1998) and Albúm Galmei (2002), and has translated into Catalan Soldiers of Salamina, by Javier Cercas. He has been publishing a weekly critique in the newspapers El Punt, since 1994, and El País, since 1998.