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Pol Jiménez

Dancer and choreographer

(Barcelona 1995)

An artist trained in Spanish dance and flamenco, constantly seeks new codes and asks new questions in performance and contemporary thought to nourish his creations. In 2013 he took part as a choreographer at the Assamblée Internacional in Toronto (organised by Canada’s National Ballet School and  the Andalusian Dance Centre of Sevilla), representing the Professional Dance Conservatorium of Barcelona, where he studied Spanish Dance. Despite his youth, his career as a dancer and choreographer has been intense and has included work with companies and choreographers like La Fura dels Baus, Cesc Gelabert, Juan Carlos Lérida, José Manuel Álvarez, Ángel Rojas, and Mdvd. He belongs to the musical group Los Aurora, has premiered his productions at the Mercat de les Flors, Sala Hiroshima, and the Fira Mediterrània in Manresa, and has received awards including Best Dancer in the 2018 Critics’ Prizes for the Performing Arts, and the 25th Butaca Awards. He is presently touring with his latest production Lo faunal, as well as coordinating the cycles “Se avecina” at Pla Roig (Barcelona) and “Cronexiones” at La Tacones (Sant Cugat).

Update: 29 August 2022


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Bivac. Correspondences

With Clara Roquet, Pol Jiménez, Mans O and Aixa de la Cruz