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Pol Forn Díaz

Pol Forn leads the QUANTIC experimental team ( and is developing the quantum processor that will be operative in the BSC, using superconducting quantum circuits, one of the most promising platforms for quantum computing and simulation. Using engineering circuits with multiple qubits, quantum algorithms can be applied to solve calculation, simulation and optimization problems. Together with the QUANTIC theory team, Pol Forn studies new applications for small-scale quantum processors.

He obtained his PhD from TU Delft in 2010 with a study of superconducting flux qubits and the limits of the force of interaction with a superconducting resonator. He was then postdoctoral researcher with the Kimble group at the California Institute of Technology, working on the interface of cold atoms and photonic waveguides. In a second postdoctoral stage, he was fellow at the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, working with Dr C. Wilson and A. Lupascu on superconducting qubits interacting with the propagation of microwave fields. He is a partner at Entanglement Partners SL. In 2017, he was appointed BSC researcher to lead experimental efforts to build a quantum processor using superconducting circuits.

Has participated in

The Quantum Computer at the BSC

A pioneering project