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Pilar Sampietro

A radio journalist specialising in ecology and culture, Pilar Sampietro directs and presents Vida Verda on Radio4, and also the Spanish-language version, Vida Verde, on Radio Nacional Española (RNE), both of these being educational programmes concerned with ecology, biodiversity, landscape, and culture. On Radio3, she heads Mediterráneo, a magazine programme about literature, music, and culture in the different corners of the Mediterranean. She also writes regular blogs on ecology, among them Alterconsumismo (El País Digital), as well as being co-author of the book El Jardí Amagat (The Hidden Garden, Pol·len, 2014) and, more recently, La ciutat comestible (The Edible City, Morsa, 2018), in which she discusses experiences of and proposals for regreening cities.

Update: 6 May 2019


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