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Pilar Lacasa Díaz

Professor of Audiovisual Communication at the University of Alcalá and has been a visiting lecturer at several universities abroad, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is presently head of the research group “Imágenes, Palabras e Ideas” (Images, Words, and Ideas) which explores children’s and young people’s interaction with the digital culture, especially videogames. Outside the university, she has worked on several educational projects aiming to encourage participation of young people by means of the new technologies. She has published the books Expresiones del futuro. Cómo se comunicarán las próximas generaciones (Expressions of the Future: How the Coming Generations Will Communicate, Morata, 2018) and Los videojuegos. Aprender en mundos reales y virtuales (Videogames: Learning in Real and Virtual Worlds, Morata, 2013), in which she aims to give a positive account of digital milieus.

Update: 13 December 2019


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