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Pierre-Alexandre Savriacouty


Pierre-Alexandre Savriacouty is a French-Malagasy artist born in 1993. He is a graduate of Montpelliers School of Fine Arts, where he collaborated with stage director and writer Rodrigo Garcia. He also graduated from the EnsBA in Paris in 2022. His practice explores issues related to disappearance, memory, identity, water and its spirituality, the living, remains, shamanism, cryptography and the transformation of matter by means of social and climatic disruption. 
The hidden dimension of the depths of water fascinates him and leads him to explore invisible and ancient worlds in an attempt to communicate with and through them. His work is the result of infinite research into the flow of water and, most particularly, its disappearance. His sculptures are, for him, psychical and memorial anchors; in water and rivers he finds the ability to bring to the surface hidden memories and signs, buried voices and water spirits. His work has been exhibited at the FRAC Paris-Château de Rentilly, the Saint Paul de Vence International Biennial and, more recently, the Centre dart contemporain Chanot (France). In 2022, he was artist in residence at Villa Albertine in Chicago. 

Update: 31 January 2023