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Paula Bruna

Environmentalologist and artist

From her dual perspective as environmentalist and artist, Paula uses artistic research as a form of knowledge in which different disciplines hybridize. In recent years she has been researching the shaping of the Anthropocene narrative from a non-human point of view, combining science, fiction and art. Her hypothesis is that exploring other points of view than the prevailing anthropocentrism has effects on ecological awareness and opens up the range of possible forms of coexistence. She shares her research in publications, congresses, participatory workshops, residencies and art exhibitions (Arts Santa Mònica, SWAB Barcelona Art Fair and Kunstraum Lakeside, among others). During the 2020-2021 year, she participated in the In Residence, Creators in Barcelona Secondary Schools program (promoted by the ICUB and the CEB). She is currently artist in residence at La Escocesa creation factory.

Update: 30 April 2021



Has participated in

Uncomfortable Companions

A workshop to imagine ways to live together with other species that are not dear to us. With artist Paula Bruna

Culturnautes 2021

The CCCB’s summer day camp

Science Friction

Living Among Companion Species