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Oumar Ngom


Senegalese musician based in Barcelona for more than a decade, in recent years he has become the main percussionist of Nakany Kanté. He is one of the main trainers of the cultural association Ngomez Nokass, a space for creation and experimentation through sound and movement, where he teaches djembe. He has also participated in several European tours as a regular percussionist for the Senegalese singer Sidy Diop and has collaborated with the theater company Àfrica-Catalunya, with whom he produced the children's show "Pell de llarinté, cua de tiré", trained as part of the Temporada Alta 2012. Currently, he is part of La Kolmena, a group of percussionists of various nationalities who perform improvisation shows.

Update: 10 October 2022


Has participated in

Dancing with Memory

An audiovisual performance by the artist Nzé Ramón Esono Ebalé