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Olvido García Valdés

Olvido García Valdés  (Santianes de Pravia, Asturias, 1950) is a graduate in Romance Philology and in Philosophy.

Her books of poems, except Lo solo del animal, published recently, are included in Esa polilla que delante de mí revolotea (Poesía reunida, 1982-2008). She has translated Pier Paolo Pasolini (La religión de mi tiempo and Larga carretera de arena) and, in collaboration, a broad anthology, El canto y la ceniza, by Anna Ajmátova and Marina Tsvetáieva. She is also author of the biographical essay Teresa de Jesús, of texts for plastic arts catalogues (Zush, Kiefer, Tàpies, Broto, etc.) and of numerous works of literary reflection. She has co-directed the magazine Los Infolios and was a founding member of El signo del gorrión (1992–2002). Her books have been translated into Swedish, French and Italian; equally her poems have appeared in English, German, Portuguese, Rumanian, Polish and Arabic.

In 2007 she was awarded the National Poetry Prize for her book Y todos estábamos vivos.