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Oliver Mancebo

Bookseller and author of fanzines

He was named after Oliver Twist. In those Dickensian circumstances, his first job was as a child painting rubber figures for nativity scenes, and in the shapes of Smurfs and “Mortadel·los”. Years later, he picked up a lot of night shifts (on both sides of the bar), until he earned his degree in Fine Arts. He has been a cartoonist and screenwriter for cartoon series and now works in a bookstore (in similar Dickensian circumstances). He organised the first and only Towel Day in Barcelona, in tribute to Douglas Adams. He creates fanzines, organizes fanzine fairs, publishes very strange books, is one half of the publishing house Mancebía Postigo, publishes stories and has been saying for years that he is nearly finished with his first novel. He also says that he cooks like Pepe Carvalho, dances like the Watusi and identifies with the Pijoaparte. As a writer, he recently participated in the special issue of the magazine Branca entitled Els coets venien com llagostes,, published in collaboration with the CCCB for Kosmopolis 2021.

Update: 19 June 2021