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Núria Querol

A biologist by training and an expert in criminal behaviour, linked to various institutions dedicated to the defence of animal rights

Núria Querol is a biologist specializing in cell biology, genetics and biomedicine, and holds a Master’s degree in the Prevention, Intervention and Treatment of Family Violence from the University of Barcelona. She works as a doctor at the Department of Family Medicine at the Institut Català de la Salut. Her research has focused on issues around violence and criminal conduct and currently teaches classes for the Master’s degree in Profiling and Analysis of Criminal Behaviour at the University of Barcelona, among others. She is also co-director of the course and lecture series “Green Criminology. Violence against animals. Prevention and intervention” and a member of different working groups in defence of animal welfare in the United States and the Spanish State. In 2021, together with Miguel Ángel Soria, she coordinated the publication Violencia contra los animales. Relevancia en la investigación criminal y la delincuencia violenta [Violence against animals: Relevance in criminal investigation and violent crime] (Piramide, 2021), in which different experts analyse violence against animals from multiple disciplines.

Update: 21 September 2021


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The Future of Animal Rights

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