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Núria Guiu

Dancer and Choreographer

Dancer and choreographer based in Barcelona. Associate artist at the Centre de Creació i Arts Vives Graner in Barcelona from 2020-2021. Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and student on the Degree in Anthropology and Human Evolution at the UOC (Barcelona). As a dancer, she has collaborated with companies including Cullberg Ballet, Carte Blanche Dance Company and Ingri Fiksdal. She has worked as artistic assistant to Gisele de Vienne and has also performed in some of her creations, such as Crowd and This Is How You Will Disappear. In 2012 she began to take an interest in choreography and to investigate the relationship between body, power and digitality. Some of her most recent works are Likes (2018), which has won several awards, Spiritual Boyfriends, premiered at Festival Grec de Barcelona in 2020, and Futuralgia, a group piece curated by Bremen Dance Theatre.

Update: 5 November 2021



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Today’s feminist creators