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Nueva Vulcano

Nueva Vulcano are a rampage of noise and dance in the first person made up of Artur Estrada, Albert Guàrdia and Wences Aparicio. Rising from the ashes of Aina and Shanty Rd., for over a decade this bold Barcelona trio has been channelling its love for Jawbreaker, Megacity Four and Jawbox in a dishevelled, intense, melancholic sound. Stories of doubts, heartache and fear of the future roared out by a first person who is sincere and unmistakeable. Their works include Principal Primera (2004), Juego Entrópico (2005) and Todo por el bien común (2013), released by BCore.

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Update: 3 April 2014


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Primera Persona 2014

Autobiographic live sessions: pop music concerts, stand-up comedy, theatre and narrative