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Nati Calvo

Manager of the Sant Ildefons Library in Cornellà de Llobregat, and specialist in children’s and young people’s literature.

Nati Calvo (Barcelona, 1961) is a librarian specialising in children’s and young people’s literature. She holds a Master’s degree in Books and Literature for Children and Young People, from the UAB, and a diploma in social work. She has served on juries for children’s and young people’s literature prize awards and collaborates with the Catalan Council for Children’s and Young People’s Books (ClijCat). She coordinates, together with Laia Ventura, the BibBotó working group of children’s and young people’s libraries of the Official Association of Librarians and Documentalists of Catalonia (COBDC).

She is currently manager of the Sant Ildefons Library of Cornellà de Llobregat, which regularly runs Reading and Images Labs.

Update: 1 April 2017

Has participated in

Kosmopolis 2017

9th Amplified Literature Fest