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Museo del Hongo

The Museo del Hongo (2016) is a touring space that works to resignify the Fungi kingdom. By combining contemporary artistic practices and scientific research, they design interdisciplinary experiences presented in a wide range of works, raising awareness of the environmental importance of fungi and encouraging research into their many aspects, among them their biotechnological, aesthetic, gastronomic and medicinal properties.

Over the four years of the project, during which it has been shown more than ten times, it has evolved from being an underground initiative to one featured in well-established science and art events in Chile and abroad, among them the Telluride Mushroom Festival, the Media Arts Biennial in Santiago, the Ars Electronica festival, science and biofabrication weeks, the Valdivia Fungifest and Berlin Science Week, constantly challenging traditional ways of conveying scientific knowledge by incorporating art into the fungi experience.

Participates in the exhibition “Science Friction” with the installation Juan Ferrer y Nicolás Oyarce Les Micobiontes, 2021.

Update: 21 May 2021

Has participated in

Science Friction

Living Among Companion Species