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Muriel Villanueva


She is a writer, author of more than thirty literary works for all ages, including novels, storybooks, poems, plays and short films, as well as short publications in anthologies and online. They include La Gatera, Rut Sense Hac, Duna, Dunes, El Refugi del Tarek and the L’Esfera trilogy. She has been given more than a dozen awards, including J.M. Caseri, Crítica dels Escriptors Valencians, Carlemany, Atrapallibres and the Llibreter.

She has a degree in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature from the University of Barcelona, ​​a diploma in Music Education from the University of Valencia, and has been trained in Family Constellations at Espai Sistèmic i Humanista.

In l'Ateneu of Barcelona she taught, between 2007 and 2014, the courses of Introduction to Narrative, Narrative, Novel I, Short Story I, Novel II, Construction of Characters and Song Lyrics; She was also co-coordinator of the virtual campus, responsible for international relations, author of the Recerca sobre la situació europea d’escoles d’escriptura (for the Institution of Catalan Letters) and executive director of the European Association of Creative Writing Programs .

As a trainer, she accompanies other people’s writing processes and organizes workshops and residencies from the Escriptura Natural project, shared with the writer Roger Coch. 

She currently publishes in the digital magazine Catorze, collaborates on her own and others’ theater projects, and writes scripts for the independent film production company Círculo Bipolar.

Update: 15 March 2022



Muriel Villanueva and Ezra Myers

Has participated in

Projected Words

"A Vocabulary for the Future" in coproduction with Institut Ramon Llull and Film London