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Miguel La Corte


Miguel La Corte was born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1999. His current practice centres on instrumenting shared experiences and designing Open Media Ecologies. In more detail, he sees music as a vehicle for agency through experiences of public collective creation, shifting the public notion of creation as a closed process to a new conception of creation as an open and collective process.  

In late 2016 Miguel founded myriorama, an instrument development company originally specializing in the restoration and redesign of electroacoustic pianos. More generally, Myriorama aims to reflect on our shared living circumstances by designing and restoring the instruments and elements that define these spaces.  

In a cultural landscape dominated by closed-control platforms, he proposes the dissemination of participative musical experiences through online environments as an alternative avenue of connection. As his first prototype of an Open Media Ecology, he founded the Participative Audio Lab in 2022, an organization that aims to develop open source tools that enable participative music distribution. 

Update: 31 January 2023