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MELT (Ren Loren Britton & Iz Paehr)

Arts/design duo

MELT (Ren Loren Britton & Iz Paehr) study and experiment with shape-shifting processes as they meet technologies, sensory media and pedagogies in a warming world. MELT currently create projects along four different lines of research: ACCESS SERVER, The Meltionary, Counting Feelings and Zeitgeber. Their arts-design research cooks up practices that generate material and infrastructural transformations at the intersection of Trans* feminism and Disability Justice. Working with change and MELT(ing) like a kaleidoscope, their work engages multiple topics at once: climate change, the potential for political reformulations, change over time and material transformation. MELT share work in the form of videos, installations, websites, lectures and workshops. 

Update: 31 January 2023