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Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF)

Immersive art collectives

One of the world’s leading immersive art collectives, MLF, based in London, creates immersive experiences, expanding perception and exploring our connection with the natural world.

Their work illuminates the hidden natural forces that surround us, inviting participants to navigate using sensory perception beyond their daily experience. In these spaces, the known physical world is removed to reveal networks, processes and systems that are at once sublime, underpinned by research, and fundamental to life on Earth.

Their first virtual reality piece, In the Eyes of the Animal, has been shown in numerous international festivals, among them the New Frontier section of Sundance in 2016. Treehugger was given the Tribeca Storyscapes Award in 2017 and the Best VR Film Prize at the VR Arles Festival in 2018. Their latest production, We Live in an Ocean of Air, was first shown at the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2019 and drew 275,000 visitors.

Participates in the exhibition "Science Friction" with the installation of virtual reality Treehugger: Wawona, 2016, with the collaboration of Natan Sinigaglia, Mileece l’Anson. Is the result of the assignment of Cinekid Foundation, STRP, Southbank Centre and Migrations. Politeness of Fabbula.

Update: 21 May 2021

Has participated in

Science Friction

Living Among Companion Species