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Mario Soares

Former president of the Republic of Portugal (1986-1996)

Lisbon, 1924 - 2017

A former president of Portugal (1986 – 1996), he has a degree in Philosophy and Law and was founder in 1973 of the Portuguese Socialist Party. He was briefly deported to the island of São Tomé and Príncipe for his opposition to the Salazar regime. After the Carnation Revolution in 1974 he returned to his country and became one of the key politicians of the new democratic period. He was Prime Minister for several periods (1976-77, 1978, 1983-85) before becoming President of the Republic in 1986. From 1999 to 2004 he was a Member of the European Parliament.

He was vice-president of the Academy of Latinity, an international organisation that aims to strengthen solidarity and promote intercultural and scientific exchanges among the countries and peoples of Latin culture. Among its activities, the Academy organises a large biannual debate bringing together some of the most outstanding intellectuals on the international scene. In 2011, the CCCB joined the Academy of Latinity in organising the colloquium in the city of Barcelona.

Update: 10 January 2017


Has participated in

The Democratic Imaginary in the Era of Globalization

XXIII Conference of the Academy of Latinity