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Marija Avramovic and Sam Twidale

We are scavengers of virtual worlds. Consensual kin under constant pressure of phenomena and anomalies. We are mutually symbiotic best friends that shift through mediums, forms and roles - virtually and IRL. We began working together in 2017. Marija studied painting in Belgrade and then at Beaux Arts de Paris. Sam studied popular music at Liverpool University and taught himself to code. Together we work at the boundary between the artificial and the real, creating virtual worlds populated by AI characters and spirits as well as paintings, texts and physical installations, all of which inhabit the same playful universe. Our intimacy is cross-cultural and every language we speak is a hybrid. Naturally, our work is the reflection of it. It’s about creating alternative worlds, digital or not, dystopian or utopian, not human-centered. It’s about transformation, shapeshifting, existing in multiple realities. Our collaborative works follow a continuously developing thread of research and are inspired by various cultural and fictional sources, ranging from Sartre’s Huis Clos (After Intelligence 2018), Kurosawa’s Dreams and (techno-)animism (Sunshowers 2019), Roadside Picnic and vibrant matter (The Zone 2019). Our practice is playful and collaborative with projects growing from the scattered seeds of shared fascinations of fiction, film, video games, theory and the future. Seeds grow into sketches and the lucky ones become the basis of our next imaginary world. We live and work in Paris, France. We have recently been the team responsible for 3D art and animation of the piece Camille et Ulysse (2021), co-produced by the CCCB and the Georges Pompidou Center, which was specially commissioned for the exhibition "Science Friction".

Update: 10 June 2021


Has participated in

Screening of "Camille & Ulysse", by Diana Toucedo