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Maria Manonelles


Maria Manonelles (Ibiza, 1996) studied Illustration at the Massana School of Art in Barcelona. In 2018 she published Dormo molt / Duermo mucho (Fragile Movement, 2018), an illustrated book in which talks openly about her experience with mental illness. When she was 20, Manonelles was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for a month; rather than hiding it, she decided to explain her experience in this first book. In Duermo mucho, the Ibiza-born illustrator draws us into the ward where she was hospitalised and recounts the experience with her dynamic text and simple but forceful, expressive drawings. Amélie Nothomb said of it: “It’s great, it really impressed me.”

Update: 3 April 2019


Has participated in

Primera Persona 2019

Autobiographic Live Sessions: Tragicomic Monologues, Pop Music, Theatre and Narrative