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Marc Martínez

Actor and theater director

Marc Martinez (Barcelona, 1966) is an actor and theatre director with a long career in cinema, theatre and television. His film debut was in El complot dels anells (The Conspiracy of the Rings) by Francesc Bellmunt (1989), after which he acted in several films directed by Ventura Pons, as well as in Land and Freedom, Ken Loach’s free adaptation of Homage to Catalonia. He has appeared in numerous television series, notable amongst which are Infidels, La que se avecina (What’s Yet to Come) and Nit i dia (Night and Day). He has appeared in some twenty plays, in particular Josep Maria Benet i Jornet’s adaptation of La plaça del Diamant (The Time of the Doves), Urtain by the Animalario group, Solo (Alone) by Strindberg and Humor i hòsties (Humour and Whacks) by Mal Martínez. He has directed some plays such as Conillet (Bunny) which was premiered at the Temporada Alta Festival. He has been awarded several Butaca Prizes and a Max Prize for the Performing Arts.

Update: 30 June 2020

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