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Malika Ndlovu

Malika Ndlovu is an internationally published South African poet, playwright, performer and for the past four years has been project manager and online radio presenter for, a unique African poetry podcasting platform. With a Degree in Performing Arts (1993) and Diplomas in Arts Administration (1995) and Advanced Theatre Research (1999-2000), she has wide range of experience in the Arts and Arts Management arena. She was a founder-member of Cape Town-based women writers' collective WEAVE, co-editor of their multi-genre anthology Ink @ Boiling Point: A selection of 21st Century Black Women’s writing from the Southern Tip of Africa (2000). In 2004 she initiated the And The Word Was Woman Ensemble of female performance poets and later that year joined The Mothertongue Project, a collective of performing artists, writers and visual artists. Her poetry publications include Born in Africa But (1999) Womb to World: A Labour of Love (2001), Truth is both Spirit and Flesh (2008), a poetic memoir entitled Invisible Earthquake: a Woman’s Journal through Stillbirth (2009) and two published plays A Coloured Place (1998) and Sister Breyani (2010). Malika currently operates as an independent artist under the brand New Moon Ventures, dedicated to creating multi-media and collaborative works in line with her personal motto "healing through creativity."