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Maïder Fortuné

Videographer and visual artist

Maïder Fortuné studied literature and theater before entering Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts, where she developed a performance-related practice of the technological image. With its great formal rigor, Fortuné’s work commands all the viewer’s attention for a genuine experience of the image and its processes. Recently, her practice turned to more narrative preoccupations. Lecture performances and films deeply rooted in writing are the mediums she processes to open up new narrative strategies. 

Her work has been exhibited internationally (Europe, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan). In 2010 she won the Villa Medicis fellowship in Roma, Italy.  Recent shows and performances have been held at Gallery 44, Toronto, Centre Pompidou  Paris, and the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2019, her mid-length film L’inconnu de  Collegno was part of IFFR Bright Future selection. In 2020, Communicating Vessels won the Ammodo Tiger short award at IFFR Rotterdam.

Update: 28 February 2022

Has participated in

First Person Plural

With the presence of Laida Lertxundi.