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Lydia Oliva

LYDIA OLIVA (Barcelona, 1956)

- Partner in Galeria Eude, Barcelona, the first art gallery in Barcelona to show photography: Man Ray, Florence Henri, Rodchenko,.... 1982-1986.
- Partner in Galeria Tristán Barbará. Barcelona. 1991-1993.
- Director and organiser of the seminar "Public and Private Photography Collections". Arco, Madrid, 1989
- Curator and organiser of Spain's first photography auction. Born Auction House, Barcelona, 1990.
- Co-director and co-organiser of a cycle of lectures and round tables to complement the exhibition Four directions. Photographer's Gallery, London, 1994.
-  Contributor to the cultural supplement of the newspaper Baleares. 1989-1992.
- Contributor to the magazine Informació i Debat. 1996-1999.
- Prologue to the book of poetry Road poetry by Benet Rossell. Pagès Editors, Barcelona, 2001.
- Gives lectures and seminars about photography on various courses at the School of Architecture, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya UIC, 2001-2002.

Curator of photography exhibitions:

Gaudí seen by five photographers. Touring exhibition around various French Institutes in Africa, 1986-1988.
Manel Esclusa. Trencadís. Touring exhibition around various FNAC stores, 1992-1993.
A look at the architecture of the Bauhaus. Architects' Association of Barcelona, 1996.
Portraits of the soul. African photography. Fundació La Caixa. Touring exhibition, 1997-1998.
Le Corbusier. Unshown drawings - photographs by Lucien Hervé. COAM Foundation, Madrid, 1998-1999.
Seydou Keita-
Samuel Fosso.

Update: 5 November 2002


Has participated in

Gisèle Freund. The world and my camara