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Lydia Lunch

The provocative Lydia Lunch was a pivotal figure in New York's "no wave" scene of the late 70s and has worked with an array of talent since then. Hailed by the Boston Phoenix as "one of the 10 most influential performers of the 90's", no other artist of the 20th century has fought, forged, punched, and sculpted their own artistic vision in such a uniquely original way. Defying categorization, Lydia Lunch actively has conquered new territories, and has gained international recognition for the innovative quality of her work.

Through music, books, spoken word performances, film, video, photography, poetry and a multitude of creative endeavours, Lydia Lunch has proven to be one of the most interesting and daring artists of the current era. While many others of her generation have dissolved into the trappings of commercialism, her artistic vision has, through the years, been strengthened, redefined, and focused into an expression uniquely her own. Lunch's non-stop touring schedule has taken her to clubs, theatres, and universities throughout the United States and Europe. In April 2002, Lydia taught a vocal workshop entitled The Musicality of the Spoken Word in Bruges, Belgium at the Institute of Living Voice, and presented her Video Hysterie at the Athens film festival, a retrospective of her musical collaborations from 1997-2001.

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BCNmp7. Agit pop

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