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Luna Ki

Luna Ki (1999) is a one-of-a-kind artistic force. Their futuristic vision has made them the multidisciplinary artist they are today, constructing an exceptional sound that breaks moulds. After the release of their hit “Septiembre” in 2019 (included on their first EP, Unknown 2034, with over 17 million streams), Luna became an artist to watch in Spain. Magazines like Billboard, Vogue and Metal have shared their work and they all agree: Luna is creating the sound of a new generation. Their debut album CL34N avoids labels thanks to their futuristic vision, reinventing and merging very different styles. The coherence of the album leaves behind standard formulas to make space for a much fresher new language, packed with references, with a brilliance that lies in its versatility. CL34N is Luna Ki at their most expansive. The project includes the hits “Voy a Morir” (over three million streams on Spotify) and “Piketaison”, one of the 11 hottest trends on YouTube just hours after its release. With this project that took press and public by storm, reaching number two in Apple Music’s most listened to albums, Luna brings a breath of fresh air to the scene, giving it something as necessary as an ideological and aesthetic twist, and reaffirming them as one of the most uninhibited voices on the scene today.


Update: 15 February 2023


Has participated in

Memefest 2023

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet