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Lukasz Szalankiewicz

Lukasz Szalankiewicz (alias ZENIAL) - historian, sound designer and electronic music artist, member of the Polish Society for Electroacustic Music (PSeME). He currently lives and works in Krakow.
Participated in many international festivals (e.g. in Austria, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, France, China, Hungary, Belarus, Romania, Lithuania, Israel , Kazakhstan, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Luxemburg).
Performed in Poland in Audio Art Festival, Unsound Festivall, Contemporary Art Centre Bunkier Sztuki (Krakow), Kordegarda Gallery (Warsaw), Contemporary Art Centre (Laboratorium, Warsaw), Contemporary Art Laznia (Gdańsk), Contemporary Art Gallery Arsenal (Bialystok), Contemporary Art Gallery (Wroclaw) and many other places... His practice extends to research audiovisuals performance and interactive installations.