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Los Ganglios

“Porc” music group

A group formed by Xosé Tétano, Leli Loro, Rafael Filete and Mariana Escaravilli. Their style combines funny and acid lyrics with electro-punk, techno, rock and cumbia, all conglutinated in what they call “Porc” Music. They understand music from hybridisation, bringing together audiovisual creation, music and performance. To date they have published four albums: Cataclismo electoral (2011, own label), La guapa y los ninjas (2012, GOR Discos), Lubricante (2014, own label) and Segunda Escucha (2016, own label). They also direct and produce their own video clips.

Update: 19 February 2018


Has participated in

Memefest 2018

The online digital folklore and humour festival