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Liah Greenfeld

Professor of Sociology, Political Science and Anthropology at Boston University. She has a PhD in Sociology of Art from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has taught Sociology in several American universities, including Harvard, Chicago and MIT. Since the publication of her book Nationalism: Five Roads to Modernity (Harvard University Press, 1992), Greenfeld has become an essential reference in the field of nationalism studies. She has continued her research with The Spirit of Capitalism: Nationalism and Economic Growth (Harvard University Press, 2001), winner of the Donald Kagan Best Book in European History Prize. A third book, Mind, Modernity, Madness: The Impact of Culture on Human Experience (Harvard University Press, 2013), closes this trilogy on the political, economic and psychological aspects of modern culture. A collection of essays constituting an introductory reader on Greenfeld’s theses has been published in Catalan (Nacionalisme i modernitat,Editorial Afers, 1999). Her most recent book, Pensar con libertad. Mi visión de Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Ben-David, Shils, Aron, Bell y Gellner (Thinking Freely: My View of Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Ben-David, Shils, Aron, Bell and Gellner),has been published in Spanish by Arpa Editores (2016).

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