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Laura Aubert

Is an actress and singer with a long career in the theatre where she has performed in works including La Tendresa (Tenderness) by Alfredo Sanzol (2019), Goldoni’s The Mistress of the Inn directed by Pau Carrió (2017), and Amor & Shakespeare (Love and Shakespeare) by Josep Maria Mestres (2015). She is a member of the programming team of the Teatre El Maldà in Barcelona and was a member of the first generation of the Kompanyia Lluire of the Teatre Lluire. She has recently appeared in television series like El Crac by Joel Joan and Héctor Claramunt (The Whizz, 2016-2017) and Com si fos ahir by Sònia Sanchez (As If It Were Yesterday, 2018). She has also performed as a soloist singer, violinist, and double bassist in several productions.


Has participated in

Auschwitz and afterwards

Programmed for The Night of Ideas